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My name is Lynne Hayes and since late 2010 I have managed international support groups on Facebook, recently another group was deleted by Facebook because it was reported for nudity!! So I made the decision to move all the groups off Facebook to a safer platform where all women can share their journeys without fear of groups not being there next time they go to login.

Cosmetic Surgery Social is the first of its kind. A brand new GLOBAL Social Network and Mobile App for women who are interested in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dental, health & beauty and aesthetic procedures.

Created by women for women. Think Facebook without the censorship and archaic rules.

We are an educational, supportive social network that strives to provide factual unbiased information & support to our members

I invite you to join us!

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Welcome! Breast Implant Advice has been the premier go to website for all things breast augmentation related since 2010. Find the right surgeon, factual information relating to pre and post op care and much more. BIA enables everyone to become an expert!

If you are looking for a support community I created Cosmetic Surgery Social in late July 2016 to bring my existing online Facebook communities together in a safe cosmetic surgery centered environment in a social network built specifically for aesthetic patients. The old Facebook groups supported thousands of women globally since 2010.

FREE THE NIPPLE visit and be part of a revolutionary group of empowered women who have created their own social network!
Post op is a time when your feeling fragile and your body has taken a beating from the anesthetic and surgery. Your body needs some TLC and what better way than a Recovery Broth. Research in the American Journal of Therapeutics showed that a compound found in chicken soup – carnosine – helped the body’s immune system. You don’t have to...
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Breast IMPLANT Advice (7)
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