Lynne Hayes is the leading expert in the area of cosmetic surgery support, she is nationally recognized as the “go to” support person when considering breast augmentation surgery. Lynne is the founder of Breast Implant Advice & Cosmetic Surgery Social, Lynne has worked closely in the cosmetic/plastic surgery industry since 2010. In Jan 2017 Lynne created the ‘Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Research Survey’ to help better understand the needs of patients globally.

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lynne hayes founder csxsocial

Lynne works closely with women in Australia and globally, who want various cosmetic surgery procedures and are seeking qualified, ethical and skilled surgeons. She has helped thousands of patients find the right surgeon and make informed choices.

Lynne created Cosmetic Surgery Social in late July 2016 to bring her existing online Facebook communities together in a safe cosmetic surgery centered environment in a social network built specifically for aesthetic patients. These Facebook groups supported thousands of women globally since 2010. Lynne is the mother of four and one adopted dog, she lives by the sea in Queensland, Australia.



More from Lynne;

I am an advocate of ‘Self Love’ and green smoothie junkie….and so much more!

I am the founder of Mulu Organics, a premier luxe organic breast care brand, (launched in June 2016) with the flagship product being a 100% organic, vegan, nut free Hilma Scar Serum ♥ named after my beloved mother.

I strongly believe in the power of LOVE, and that healthy living is paramount for survival, eating organic or as much organic as possible, because it’s not that easy finding everything organic I grow a small patch of greens for my daily smoothie. I look for love in everyday things, and I find it.

I believe in drinking as much clean fresh water (NO fluoride) as I can without starting to leak from my ears and daily exercise to enable me to live a long healthy life. In 2012 I developed vitiligo, the skin condition that Micheal Jackson had, dealing with that has been a challenge and a very steep learning curve, BUT I try my best to be positive and not allow it to rule my life.

I live a relatively normal and healthy existence, I exercise, do yoga, walk my dog, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, huge green smoothies daily and enjoy the occasional glass of GOOD red wine, AND I love to read.

However, I am human and if you peel back the layers of my ‘healthy living’ and you’ll surely find a number of unhealthy habits. For starters, the dark chocolate I enjoy oh and Malteasers…shhhhh