Esteem Cosmetic Studio for Breast Augmentation

Affordable breast augmentation surgery combined with surgical excellence and personal pre and post surgery care.

Esteem Cosmetic Studio clinic is one of the leading cosmetic surgery clinics in Australia with 7 doctors specialising in the full range of cosmetic procedures. Esteem provides specialist cosmetic services through each of their locations in Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney.

Esteem Cosmetic Studio was established in 2007 and during that time has increased both national coverage and partner surgeons. Esteem Cosmetic Studio’s surgeons and nurses have treated over 250,000 patients for a broad range of cosmetic services both surgical and non-surgical. Their phenomenal success is a credit to a dedicated team of friendly, talented and experienced surgeons, doctors and nurses as well as to the rest of Esteem Cosmetic Studio administrative team, whose dedication and commitment to each and every patient is central to their professional approach.

Breast Augmentation Surgery ($6,600)

Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra

The total cost of breast augmentation will include the following:

1. Surgeon’s Fee
2. Facility Fee
3. Anaesthetist Fee
4. Breast Implants x 2 (Round Cohesive Gel Implants)
5. Four Post Surgery Consultations

*Canberra clients will have the consultation and all post surgery visits in Canberra but the surgery itself will be performed in Sydney. 

When considering breast augmentation, your first step is contact Esteem Cosmetic Studio via the form below and schedule an in depth consultation with the breast augmentation surgeon.

Cost of Consultation

Canberra and Sydney: $150/-

Brisbane: $150/-

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