Sands Financial Services

Looking to finance your medical procedure?, Whether it’s a breast augmentation, weight loss surgery or other cosmetic procedure, Sands Financial can offer you a variety of services cover the costs of your treatment.

Sands Financial help work out what your best options are, enabling you to go ahead with your chosen procedure without any delay and worrying about payment.

Yes, You Can Set Up a Payment Plan For Your Surgery

If it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, and finances are holding you back, there is now a company that has set up payment plans for cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and cosmetic dental procedures.

Sands Financial Services will help you move forward with getting the procedure you’ve always wanted. They have convenient monthly payment options, no up-front costs, no prepayment penalties and no annual fees, so you can get your procedure sooner.

Savings Plan – Pay before surgery—Collected under Sands Financial Services Credit Licence

Similar to a Layby

  • Not a finance plan – so no credit checks, interest or fees!
  • No approval process
  • Can be applied to any procedure or any surgeon
  • Flexible payment amounts
  • Can be cancelled at any time or a partial refund can be given

With the exclusive interest-free Payment Plan you can deposit funds to a nominated Surgery Payment Plan bank account until the agreed amount is paid.


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