Ongoing global ‘Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Survey’

The purpose of this survey is to gather ongoing factual data in relation to plastic and cosmetic surgery. The data will provide ongoing statistics on the current market trends and patient/client preferences.

If you have not had plastic/cosmetic surgery you can submit your answers now by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the 'SUBMIT" button.
I greatly appreciate your input. The wealth of information gathered from this survey will help educate and inform others. Thank you for your time!
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What is Cosmetic Surgery Social?
CSXSocial (Cosmetic Surgery Social) is the first of its kind!
CSXSocial is a social network site for women who are considering having or have had any type of cosmetic or plastic surgery. Created by women for women, to empower and educate in all areas of cosmetic surgery. We are an uncensored, educational, supportive social network that strives to provide factual unbiased pre and post operative information & support to our members.

CSXSocial is an ever evolving network for all your cosmetic surgical needs. We also have a full feature surgeon directory across three sites.