I suggest that you only trust your body to a surgeon who is qualified in breast augmentation. To help ensure the best possible result, all of the surgeons you are consulting should answer important questions to prove they are worthy of operating on you. When consulting with a surgeon, there are very specific questions you should ask.

Download ‘questions to ask your surgeon’ here


Ladies you need to remember that the surgeon that you have an appointment with is not the only surgeon in the world. There are hundreds in your area alone, and they all want your business. If they turn you away for any reason then they were not the ‘one’ for you. Treat them as if you are interviewing them for a job….because you are, one of the most important jobs there is, because it pertains to your health and well being!


I was told recently by a young woman that she was turned away from a cosmetic surgery center when wanting breast augmentation surgery because she was overweight, in my personal opinion that is disgusting and if I was her I would ‘run a mile in high heels’ rather than give my hard earned money to them!

When choosing a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation, remember that the surgeon’s experience with breast implants and your comfort with him/her are just as important as the final cost of the surgery.

It is important to point out at the early stages of your search for a breast augmentation surgeon, that many kinds of doctors perform breast augmentation surgery, even though they may have no specific training in plastic surgery, certain laws allow them to advertise a certification in another field of surgery without actually specifying which the field, because of limited consumer protection, such doctors are allowed to perform breast augmentation surgery in an office based surgery setting regardless of whether they are actually specialized in cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Advertising by such doctors can be confusing and even misleading, it is advisable that you shortlist surgeons that are specially trained, certified, and experienced in the procedure that you want.

Why place yourself in the hands of a doctor or surgeon that isn’t actually trained and experienced in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery?

Here is a check list that can help you define your search criteria
Ideally Your Augmentation Surgeon should have the following credentials

  • Your surgeon should have completed medical school
  • Your surgeon should have completed a residency in plastic/cosmetic surgery
  • Your surgeon should have a medical specialization
  • Your surgeon should have hospital privileges for the procedure you want
  • Your surgeon should be Board Certified (vetted by their speciality board) as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon
  • Your surgeon should be a member of an approved Board of Medical Specialities Society, in your country
  • Your surgeon should have proven experience and demonstrated skill in breast augmentation surgery