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If after a lot of careful self evaluation and soul searching you have decided to have breast augmentation surgery, then you will need to be prepared to make the next important step which is finding a breast augmentation surgeon, most surgery involves serious operations that can never be guaranteed to work perfectly, But the chances of them going wrong are much less if your surgeon is qualified, ethical and trustworthy, that is why searching for a surgeon becomes a much clearer and easier task if you know what to look for and where.

It is important to point out at the early stages of your search for a breast augmentation  surgeon, that many kinds of doctors perform breast augmentation  surgery, even though they may have no specific training in plastic surgery, certain laws allow them to advertise a certification in another field of surgery without actually specifying which the field, because of limited consumer protection, such doctors are allowed to perform breast augmentation  surgery in an office based surgery setting regardless of whether they are actually specialized in cosmetic and plastic surgery.

This in mind you need to be prepared, reading BOOB JOB RED FLAGS prior to starting your surgeon search will educate and empower you.