‘Unveiled’ – a new six-­part Australian cosmetic surgery series

The launch of a new six-­part Australian cosmetic surgery series unveiling ‘transformed’ brides and grooms on their big day!

Are you in Adelaide, Sydney or Melbourne and planning to get married early next year? Email Steph for an application.

The series will showcase how pairing some surgical procedures with these non-surgical treatments, can make a huge impact on the most important day of a person’s life; their wedding day, ‘Unveiled’ will follow the journey of six couples in their bid to walk down the aisle looking and feeling their absolute best!

Following the huge success of 412’s hit, ‘Changing Faces’ (Style channel, 2015), which showcased the use of cosmetic procedures to celebrate a natural look, boosting the confidence and lives of six everyday Australians, this new show will feature the highs and lows associated with any wedding day. The prestigious and reputable Dr. Zacharia, from ‘Changing Faces’ will also be the consulting surgeon for our couples on ‘Unveiled’

“You can’t imagine a more emotional and exciting premise for a show than one that mixes the emotions of the lead up to a wedding day, and the jeopardy of a cosmetic transformation. Two people who have committed to each other, walking down the aisle, to see a new and improved version – it’s the ultimate reveal!”