Zingers after Breast Augmentation Surgery – Breast Implant Tip

Placing a breast implant either under or over the muscle can frequently result in intermittent burning, sharp, episodic sensations, starting from the rib cage and radiating towards the nipple. Women globally have christened these sensations “zingers”.

The actual mechanism is stretch on the sensory nerves, which originate from the spinal cord and wrap around the chest to innervate the breast skin and nipple. While very alarming to patients, this is actually a positive sign that the sensory nerves have not been cut or damaged but merely stretched. Zingers and Burning Sensations are common and can last for several weeks, and even a few months post-operative, although if they persist that long, they will be few and far in between.

nerves breast

While they can be annoying and a little uncomfortable, they are actually a good sign that you’re healing. Zingers come and go, and last a second or two, then go away. A nerve will try to reconnect with the area it normally supplied by emitting abnormal impulses or electric shocks. The good news is that it is totally normal, they are a good sign there is no damaged nerves, these will resolve without treatment, usually within 3-6 months after your op.

TIP: – Try a gently pressure to the area or gently massage the breast to distract yourself from the sensation.

Happy healing from the ‘BIA Team’